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The Talking Point
The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio
Date, Sex & Love
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Shaggers Shenanigans are explosive this week. Are we friends, are we fucking or something in between? I talk about the situationships we fall into like Friends With Benefits and Fuck Buddies. I also introduce my new type of entanglement....

30 Mins
Acquaintances With Benefits

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135 Mins
Episode 336| Tom Cruise Gate , Instagram Models , Dineo Ranaka , The Wife , Who Googled It,Q n A

Give up whatever you have to for your headsake!! ...

3 Mins

Omo if there’s one scam we as young people are oblivious to us that one fact the “tomboy” concept is a con by the LMNOP community to sort of hide in plain sight. Do you think there’s more that meets the eye about the “tomboy” issue? Or is i...

73 Mins
All Tomboys Are Gay!

This week on Ifechats we dived into personal finance, with a special guest on the show who is a professional in her field. I trust you will learn a lot and have tips to implement. --- Support this podcast: ...

25 Mins
The What, Why and How's of Personal Money Management

Imagine a world where every bad thing could be blamed on the air being bad? eg. Mr President, Boko Haram kidnapped... Ah, it must be that bad Miasma. It's a pity. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this was...

10 Mins
A Pandemic Tale

A collection of 12 short stories about the woes different women faced in the hands of Lagos men. ...

8 Mins
Nearly all men in Lagos are mad by Damilare kuku

We are discussing Law 37-Law 42 of the 48 laws of Power --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: ...

10 Mins
48 Laws of Power: Part Seven

Today we will be listening to the second part of our speaker was able to overcome her identity crises as a teenager. It was indeed a difficult journey, but she pulled through. --- Send in a voice message:

7 Mins
Victory Over Identity Crises Part Two

Share | Follow | Subscribe They said you should marry your friend but some of your friends are opps. Press play. Song Credits ...

60 Mins
Raase Yede Nanso Amani3 Wo Raase Mu
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