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Special - A Side of Salad

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Episode Notes

The holiday season often means lots of food, which we happily endorse. Now if you’re looking for something healthier to add to your lineup of dishes, something tasty, and something a little different, we’ve got you. This episode is our season finale, our fourth Special and features salads from different parts of the continent. 

From Tunisia in North Africa, we have Omek Houria, a lovely spicy carrot salad that pairs well with tuna, olives, and eggs.

From South Africa, there’s Chakalaka, a relish made with peppers, carrots, and baked beans.

From Seychelles of the East African coast is Salade de Palmiste, made with Heart of Palm and onions.

Finally, join us in West Africa where Ghana and Nigeria pretty much share a particular kind of salad. With its medley of vegetables, corned beef, baked beans, boiled eggs, and salad cream, this could easily be a large meal rather than a side.


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