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Ghanaians in Western Australia Offer Food Assistance during Coronavirus Pandemic

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The negative impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on families, students, and migrants with no permanent residency in countries where they live is huge and easy to miss.

This has been recognized by the Ghana Association of Western Australia where an effort is being made to assist students and families who currently have no reliable sources of income or support. 
A message sent out to members of the association said "The Ghana Association of Western Australia is creating a platform for Ghanaians, especially those who may be challenged economically by the COVID-19 pandemic to receive some assistance"
Those in need were encouraged to contact the association for some help. 

Dr. Albert Amankwaa, President of the Ghana Association of Western Australia says the Australian government has extended significant help to citizens and permanent residents, but many Ghanaians who are temporary residents or students have not benefited. Having heard of the plight of many, the association decided to organised some assistance. 
As of the time of filing this report, the number of people infected by COVID-19 in Western Australia is less than 600 with a significant daily decrease in new cases. 
However, social and economic activities are still on hold with no guaranteed income for some families, temporary residents, and students. 
Full economic recovery appears to be nowhere near the horizon, but Ghanaians in this community who have benefited from the modest assistance offered by the Ghana Association of Western Australia are grateful that some help could be so close.  
***This AfricanPod Business Forum report was produced while keeping the necessary social distancing rules being observed worldwide to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.*** 

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