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Nigeria’s most Passionate Advocate is a Medical Doctor

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Dr. Pedus Eweama is a Nigerian Medical Doctor in Perth. He used to be a professional Nurse when he first arrived in Australia. But after a few short years, he enrolled in Medical School and eventually qualified as a Medical Doctor. 

Dr. Eweama also serves as President of the Nigerian Association of Western Australia. He is very concerned about the negative image of Nigeria and Nigerians across the world. He saw an opportunity to correct this when he was invited for the launch of Gibbous Moon Over Lagos, a book written by Pamela Watson. 

His invitation included a chance to speak to the audience.

"There is obviously more to Nigeria than what you read in the Media," he said.

To be sure he is not dismissed as being just blind patriot, Dr. Eweama says the nation of 200 million people does face real challenges including incompetent leadership."I can tell you if our country Nigeria improves, and if we happen to have good leaders, there are way more opportunities than you can see in most of the western countries - and this is the truth. We have been plagued by poor leadership" 

According to Dr Eweama, there are about 2000 Nigerians in Western Australia, they are working hard to change the persistently negative perception of Nigeria. 

For the modest audience at the University of Western Australia, Dr. Pedus Eweama did really come across as a passionate advocate for Nigeria and Nigerians. AfricanPod Business Forum is a production of AfricanPod Media in Perth. 

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