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Angola West Africa News July 04 2022

Angola West Africa: News, interviews and current affairs

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Host: Douglas Black

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 News of July 04 2022 on Angola West Africa.

About the Podcast Angola West Africa:

A show dedicated to educating and informing people around the world about the beautiful country of Angola. Outside of Africa not much is generally known about the continent or the country of Angola. In our humble way we hope to inform, entertain and educate those willing to listen about the Angolan possibilities. If you like what we are trying to do please like the podcast on your listening platform and tell you friends about our show. If you care to contribute to our program please use the Crypto wallets listed below. Any contribution is extremely welcomed. 

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40 plus years involved in new technology deployment and marketing. Born in the USA with extensive travel internationally. Past 22 years spent living and working in Africa and South America. Fluent in English and Portuguese with rudimentary skills in Spanish.


High Performance Services, Ltd. (HPS). HPS provides off-shore VSAT and telecom technical services, VSAT licensing, logistic services, internet access and more since 2005. HPS is fully insured, licensed by INACOM, registered at MINPET, MINCOM among others. HPS is ready to speak you language in Angola. Contact HPS today to see how they can assist you in Angola.


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