Black Nature Narratives podcast

Black Nature Narratives

Society & Culture
Black Nature Narratives explores black perspectives on issues relating to the natural world and our relationship with nature. My name is Beth Collier, I'm a Nature Allie d Psychotherapist and ethnographer, teaching woodland living skills and natural history. I'm Director of Wild in the City, a London based non-profit supporting well-being through relationship with nature; using the skills of our ancestors to develop a closer connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging to communities past and present. Here we'll celebrate our love of nature and share inspiration from black leaders within conservation, ecology, outdoor education and environmental justice talking about their work and journeys into a field with low representation of black people; highlighting voices less heard within the environmental field. I'll also be exploring the historical legacies and lived experience which impacts on how we see ourselves as part of nature or as belonging within natural spaces and environmental organisations; giving consideration to how our presence and perspectives can become politicised when our lived reality diverges from the mainstream narrative.



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