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The Best Social Media Platform For Advertising Your Business

Blue Timothy Osadebe

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Best social media for advertising your business, you should never jump in to any social media platform you find out there and start promoting your business, have you ever wondered why most business owners eventually quit social media and say it doesn’t work , well social media works perfectly fine and has made millions for businesses, just that the reason why most businesses fail with social media is that they are doing it the wrong way, either they are not doing the right content marketing or they are not using the right social media for their business, that’s why before you start using social media for your business, you should first of all find out where your customers are and then start your marketing there, I’ll say it now that the best social media platform for marketing your business is where your customers are, simple, but you’ll still need to create a buyer persona just to understand your customers much better, I know you’ll need help so let BTO help you make that a reality, you only have one step away from making social media a profitable investment for your business, and that step is finding out more about your customers, let BTO help you make that a reality, contact him today click here SUBSCRIBE TO BTO’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL click here ... and turn on the notification button below to get more videos on Business Development, social Media Marketing, Career Discovery and Personal Development. JOIN BTO GLOBAL COMMUNITY to get assess to exclusive mentorship, click here CONNECT WITH BTO ON SOCIAL MEDIA PODCAST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: PINTEREST: TWITTER: WHATSAPP: Blue Timothy Osadebe is an African Multi Entrepreneur, chairman of BTO Corporations, he is a Multi Business Development expert, Social media Marketing Consultant and Career Coach for both the Established, Startups and Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and he assists organizations to scale, and Mentors youths, and startup entrepreneurs in personal branding, personal development, and mostly high income skill acquisition. Known as The African Phoenix on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp Blue Timothy Osadebe has been viewed and followed for his expertise in business development, digital marketing, social media marketing, Copywriting, Marketing, personal development, personal branding, and High Income Skills, and he is involved in multiple ventures such as a YouTuber, Social media influencer, Motivational speaker, Philanthropist, Multi ambassador, Creative director, Writer, Gospel influencer and Multi shareholder as he is going into multiple business partnership with businesses in various niches in other to grow them. He is a reality of multi endeavor as both the youngest African social media celebrity entrepreneur and a music artiste, using his combined powers of musical ability’s and business acumen to tap into his optimistic and creative mindset, becoming the remarkable voice for enthusiastic resilience, and creative innovation, he trains as hard in music as he creates business ideas. Please understand that by watching BTO Blue Timothy Osadebe’s Videos, enrolling in his courses of using his tips does not mean you’ll become successful over night or in one month, it takes hard work and consistency to get your desired result. Most people want to get the how to plant it now and reap it now, but that doesn’t exist. If you are that kind of person then BTO’s videos are not for you, remember the goal is to plant it now then grow it and reap it tomorrow. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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