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Yes we have been through the struggle, yes we have been through the pain and some of us are still going through the pain and yes we have witnessed something that has driven us insane from the hand of our government but in the end, we are still sticking together and for that I know we will stand tall.

A lot of us have been asking what next? For me I believe what next is healing. We need to heal our soul, our hearts and our body, we need celebrate those that we have lost because their death is what will keep this movement going, I know a lot of us might feel like we have lost but trust me when I say the only lost we encounter is our brother and sister who were massacred, as for the movement, trust when I say #ItIsNotFinished 

My message to you is this, please find a way to heal from this, allow yourself to breath, let go of the angry, do whatever you think will make you feel close to normal again, for me that’s going to be my music and my podcast. God Bless you all and God Bless the souls of those that we have lost

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