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Change Africa Podcast

The cliché has been that Africa is a potential that has always lived below its expectation. It is a story told of how a continent abundantly flowing with the proverbial milk and honey still wanders in hunger. Yet the African story is not all gloom. Africa is also a story of brilliance, inspiration, fortitude, global breakthroughs, invention and innovation of countries, organizations and individuals that are living hallmarks of a story that is never told; a story of an Africa that is changing, an Africa that has changed. As a millennial blessed to have met and worked with some of these change leaders, I know how sitting across the room and having a conversation about everything and nothing, makes me feel comforted in my personal journey. I want to bring these up-close and personal conversations to every African millennial. Through the Change Africa podcast, we are bringing to bare the stories of the leaders of today who are building tomorrow’s Africa.



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