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Great on Phone, Bad in Bed

Cheap Talk


Episode Notes

On this episode of Cheap Talk we discuss on relationships & sex.

Sometimes, we get to push the sex to action without our words.

Ever heard of sexting?

When we talk about sex with our partners, do we go as far as discussing how incredibly good or bad in most cases good we will be in bed?

Sometimes, this can build up an unrealistic expectation which might disappoint later on.

People get disappointed when they finally get married. Why you may ask? Because of how deep they’ve gone with over hyped situation.

It’s good to be open in your communication, but going overboard makes it "Cheap Talk".

How necessary is it for a relationship, especially when both parties agree on abstinence?

Some things are better left practical if you ask me!

Listen to this episode “Great on phone, bad in bed” as Dolly (the Host of Red Card Podcast) shares her experience and stance on sexting.

I’m so excited!

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