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Losing Weight Is Hard

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Episode Notes

It can be very terrible when everyone around you rubs it on your face that you are overweight. It is even worse when you find it difficult to shed off the fat after countless trials.
It’s a world of the slimmer, the better so a lot of people visit the gym most times not to keep fit but to alter their physical appearance. The question is how do we distinguish between our body make up and weight issues?
There are certain habits that can encourage weight gain/loss. Moreso, the rate to which our body responds to these things differs. Therefore, the earlier we understand the dynamics when it comes to our body system, the better for us.
So, we ask, why do people want to lose weight and why do they seem to get frustrated with their weight loss plan?
Listen to this episode of Cheap Talk as Princess Amarachi takes you on a journey to breaking the weight loss limitations and living above societal views.


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