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Truth Is Pain

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Episode Notes

Being honest about a situation can be discouraging at times. You can even be encouraged to be truthful, as there won't be any punishment attached.

I recently watched a skit where the young lady was slapped for truthfully answering a question. 

Yes! The parents asked her to be truthful. It might be comical, but this reality for some people. How do we encourage honesty without making people feel scammed with letting out?

Listen to this episode of Cheap Talk podcast to learn how to build confidence in people to trust you with the truth everyone is scared to hear.

Don't you want to know the truth about an underlying mystery? 

Wouldn't you do anything to dig out that information that's been hidden from you? 

How desperate can you be to quench your curiosity?

And are you sure you're ready for its consequences?

We have not built enough trust in people to make them want to say the truth. Maybe we have disappointed them in the past when they tell us the truth. Ever thought of why a child can comfortably tell his peers a secret and not his parents?

One thing is that when you are empathetic and concerned with people's feelings, they will be more open to you.

Also, how you react after cajoling someone to tell you the truth, determines if they will tell it to you or someone else next time.

Truth is pain to the person who has to say it, though it might be bitter to the hearer.

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I'll be waiting for you to keep saying it to Do it Right.


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