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Why Do Successful People Lie ?

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I’m not judging anyone here today because I know most of us are guilty of this. We’ve had people we envied or wondered about their success story. How did they scale academically, career wise, in business or in any venture that’s of interest to you? We seem to only see their glamour and success not the struggles (if there is) that birthed these results. So, we keep wondering why life is this easy for them while we’re fighting with our goals here.

Somehow, out of curiosity we ask, yet we get nothing. I’ve asked successful individuals how they made it and most times I leave confused. I hear the same motivation with no practical step as to how they scaled through. The internet only offers little because all we see on social media is a pretty face with a wide grin, and this makes us wonder, how come?

So the question, are they hiding anything from us? As a successful individual, do you feel unnecessarily pressured? Why do we not seem satisfied with the responses? Are we being unnecessarily suspicious? I’m curious and I know you are too!

Listen to this episode as we answer these questions and discover the untold stories and secrets to our success.
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