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Working Hard Is BullSh*t

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The idea of working hard seems to be controversial and confusing, especially with the “work smart” cliché in vogue. What exactly does it mean to work hard or work smart? How irrelevant is working hard these days?

I’m sure no one wants to have a life of struggle and difficulty all through. We all have hopes of living a somewhat hitch free life. Despite how overwhelming our goals might be, if you discover that there’s a shorter and efficient way to achieve it, won’t you try it?

So, that brings us to this episode, WORKING HARD IS B**Sh**. Every day, we seek to find easier means of living. Machines, social amenities, inventions came up so we can have an easier and more productive life.

However, in our personal ambitions, where is the place of working hard? By working hard, we mean diligence, effort and dedication. Is it totally irrelevant or is there a smarter way?

What exactly does it mean to work smart? Isn’t there an element of hard work in smart work?

No matter how hard we try to ignore it. Working hard is essential to achieving one’s dream. It might not get you sweating but it sure will cost a lot of effort to get your desired result.

I believe what should matter is how we channel our efforts to meet our goals.

So, how do we do that?

Find out in this episode of Cheap Talk.


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