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EPISODE 3. The day I found out my brother was dead

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Episode Notes

Today I tell you about my brother, the journey to finding out he’d died, the first time I saw him in a casket, his burial and the journey since

For those not from Kenya, 

* Matatu = public transport bus , 

* Matatu stage = bus stop, 

* Maragoli = one of the ethnic communities/languages spoken in Kenya, 

* Safaricom  = most popular Telcom in Kenya

* Town = the city

* Fundi = Tailor

Doing this episode was really hard for me. Recording and editing the audio took a lot. Reliving the death of loved one is hard. I didn’t realize just how hard it would be...

The day that this episode goes live was supposed to be my brother’s birthday. June 28th. He would be turning thirty.

You will hear a lot of   “…at some point” “…aaaand…”, clicks, and awkward laughs  :-)

I wrote this  couple of months after my brother died…I mentioned it in the episode

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Music: Happy African Village by John Bartmann

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