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Fitness to thrive not just survive with Maje Ayida Ep 2 s. 2

Develop Your A-Game


Episode Notes

In episode two , I have a really good chat with wellness and fitness lifestyle coach , Maje Ayida. A British - Nigerian who has pioneered and transformed the fitness landscape in Nigeria. Starting from the bottom, he talks about how he converted his passion to a profitable brand and business now he boasts of many corporate clients using his services. He believes he is on a mission to transform lives through fitness. He shares how he used concepts of event design to host and introduce the first large scale fitness event to Nigeria. We chat about the importance of staying fit especially for peak performers and entrepreneurs. The stigma of mental health, how Nigerian fitness entrepreneurs can leverage technology to boost their visibility in the fitness business. We also talk about how being fit has helped him cope through difficult times in his life. To connect with here is his Instagram @majeayida @hiitsquadng twitter @majeayida1 #Dont Forget to follow DevelopingyourAgame on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Breaker, and Anchor. I always love to invite new guests. If you think you have an interesting story please get in touch with me and let’s get you on the show. Email me: --- Send in a voice message:


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