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Halfway through crazy 2020? You can still make it happen. Ep 14

Develop Your A-Game


Episode Notes

2020 has been the most eventful year in forever. We have experienced everything from a live pandemic to civil unrest to wild bushfires, BLM to economic upheaval. It’s a time for major crisis management but it’s also a great time to re-evaluate our goals in our vision boards which were set at the beginning of 2020. Mid-year self reviews are a good exercise to undertake at this time of year to check where you are and make the necessary adjustments needed to still achieve some of not all your goals. Let’s make things happen. I shared free vision board sheets. Let me know if you want a copy. If you like my content please subscribe or follow my podcast channel. Feel free to share with others. You can reach me on @maxxyb on social media or email --- Send in a voice message:


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