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How I started a successful health-tech business with Dr Ebi Ofrey Ep 7 S 2

Develop Your A-Game


Episode Notes

In this episode, I have a lively discussion with Dr Ebi Ofrey, a medical doctor and CEO of GeroCare Solutions Ltd, a company which is pioneering medical inclusion by leveraging technology to provide access to medical care for the elderly. He explains how he co-founded the business venture and the journey since then. Gerocare has won several awards and was selected as one of top 50 business innovations in Africa, by the W.H.O , top 20 social impact businesses excited at the Slush Global Impact Showcase in Helsinki, Finland. He got started the business due to a bad personal experience, when his father suffered 2 strokes in one year and he wasn’t around to support him. He also explains the iterations that he and his cofounders went through to design the business processes and flows. He has a passion for starting and growing business asides from being a MD. He also shares some secrets of how to make a successful pitch as he has won several awards and grants for the business. Gerocare is a thriving business serving thousands of patients across locations in different parts of Nigeria leveraging on technology. Dr Ofrey is also a seasoned public speaker, a member of Toastmasters International and a blue ocean strategy consultant. To connect with him email: Facebook: Ebinabo Ofrey Twitter & Instagram: @gerocare_dr LinkedIn: Ebi Ofrey --- Send in a voice message:


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