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Dream Shakerz Bi-Weekly Shakedown 10-09-21

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In this episode, we'll be connecting with Ivelyse Andino, the current founder / CEO of Radical Health a minority women-owned social enterprise that utilizes AI-enabled tech to help people understand their health care rights. During the show, Ivelyse discussed how the Bronx positively impacted her outlook on the world, what sparked her interest in creating a new healthcare offering targeted towards minority communities, and how she overcame challenges to raise funds as an Afro-Latina founder. George and Stephon are placing the podcast on an extended pause as they double down on aspects that stand to improve their skillsets as BIPOC professionals in tech, still, they deeply appreciate all of your support throughout this past year and will be sure to update their various channels when they believe the time is right to get the pod back on the air again. Until then, keep dreaming and following through on your plans; they promise to do the same.


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