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Episode Notes

Two sisters, bonded not just by blood but by creativity, share their story in this series of the EPS. One, a Fine Artist, and the other, a Web and Media Creative. This is the story of Naki and Natalie Narh, London based Ghanaian Creatives.

Checkout their works on:

Naki Narh - Artist: @nakinarh (IG)  I website: https://linktr.ee/NakiNarh

Natali Narh (IG): @Latch_Prod (Founder) I @New.Comma (Co-Founder) I  @OgilvyUK (Creative) I  website: https://linktr.ee/latch_prod

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This podcast was created and produced by Drc. Jaèy(@jaeyalley on IG & Twitter), for the AMBC.

The AMBC is an independent media & production body that's dedicated to producing world-class contents that competes, and promotes the amplification Black/African voices / narratives.

For enquiries you can send us a maill: africanmbc@gmail.com.

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