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Relationships come with their own challenges. There's the toothpaste saga, the makeup stain on the mirror, the mood swings drama. Now imagine, you are famous, loved and a million people are keeping up with your life, taking pictures of those moves, and being treated like a celebrity or even worse " being a celebrity crush".Although true love is a rarity in showbiz, sure it would be easier to deal with a raised toilet seat lid than living in the public eye when it comes to relationships hence the reason for "baby mamas" and "baby daddies". Often times, it is difficult to keep private life private and secrets secret, as fans can't get enough of their favourite celebs. And some celebrities sometimes get carried away with the show and the attention which eventually leads to relationship friction or break up. Some have made it through reported cheating scandals, divorces, and breakups, and they've all had to deal with busy schedules. A few couples have kept their marriages private, but others have aired all of their dirty laundries. Some think avoiding official wedding vows is the key to success, but one couple just celebrated their golden anniversary. It's an informative, hilarious and entertaining as we review top celebrity couple goals and more on this episode.


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