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Nollywood, a self-grown film industry which has fast become the second-largest movie-making industry globally with over 2,500 movies produced annually. Surpassing Hollywood and second to Bollywood, The term "Nollywood" which is a reflection of the two world-famous film industries. Although the name 'Nollywood' still sparks controversy among stakeholders in Nigeria film industry till, this name was first used in 2002 by Norimitsu Onishi, a journalist in New York Times, in his article after observing the film making processes in Lagos Nigeria.

Early Nigeria film industry or should call it Nollywood became popular and characterized by a kind of home video production quality and a showcase of the rich cultural heritage, values not to mention it authentic storylines and a distinctive storytelling method.

More recently, however, the Nigerian movie industry is improving their craft in term picture and sound quality but it seems like the rich Jollof essence served through its storylines is becoming watery thanks to westernization and struggle fit into the new culture "Cinema". Though this culture is paying off but has left major Producers and stakeholders picking and star-studying popular names and faces over real talents, and it has also limited the scope of creation to either romance or comedy.
Nollywood is now producing more genres like horror, period pieces, musicals, animations, and even nolly-noir at the industry-standard picture and sound quality- which are impeccable. But how resounding is it globally?

While few stakeholders have been standing for the art and values for decades, some are rather in for the quick goodie bag, while just some have retracted their path to the origin by bringing to relevance and remaking the first Nollywood classic "Living in Bondage". This prompted our quest into the "Good Ole Nolly".

Be my guest, and drop your favourite nolly classics below in the comment section and on all social and streaming platforms @Jamitfm @Banjioflagos


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