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Tax 101 Episode S02E03 | Andre Bothma

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Episode Notes

We interviewed Andre Bothma, Founder of Tax Maverick at BankerX, a tax account manager and a YouTuber providing content on tax within South Africa. We discuss: - The key topics around the difficult and complicated topic of tax specifically for normal people as well as for artists. - We explore issues such as different types of tax that people need to pay. - We discuss the tax system, why it exists and how it contributes to the economy and social support. - We also look at the basic pillars of tax and what people need to understand regarding tax, the aim is to make it more comfortable to function within the tax system. - We also look at the impact of tax on small businesses which is the area in which most artists operate. - Lastly, we cover some of the benefits and tax breaks for small businesses and where self-employed artists and small businesses can get tax advice. About Our Guest: Andre Bothma: Tax guy on Twitter and YouTube YouTube: Twitter:


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