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Where Did My Money Go? Budgeting Episode S02E04 | Jikku Joseph

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Episode Notes

In our first episode of 2022, we interviewed the Managing Director of 22Seven Budgeting Mobile App, Jikku Joseph. After a prosperous December period for many of our listeners, we try to assist people to answer the age old Finance for Hippies question, "Where did my money go?" We aim to understand the nature of the expenditures people mostly spend their money on. The aim is to assist the people in better management of their personal finances whilst focusing specifically on looking at small expenditures that usually go under the radar and people consider insignificant but accumulate to a large amount at the end of the month. From a recent survey we ran with our listeners, we found that most individuals find it difficult to monitor and account for each and every expenditure in their daily lives. This contributes to issues such as the low savings rate in South Africa and spending on frivolous items. The general lack of financial literacy in a large segment of the youth in South Africa has also led to poor financial decisions. 22Seven Budgeting Mobile App provides great features which include ability to set targets and forecasts, the ability to monitor your budget for a specific expenditure, all designed to see where your money is going.


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