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Depression Among Youths and Teenagers

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I strongly believe that in as much as a lot has been said around 'Depression Among the youths and teenagers, enough hasn't been said yet. In this episode of FINDING PURPOSE, I extensively explain what depression is, what are it's triggers, what are the signs exhibited by it's victims, and how can we curb depression.
In some extreme cases, we've seen victims getting suicidal, and we're left wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. Through this episode, i stress out why it is important to reach out to our peers, friends, siblings and family in general. I am also urging anyone who is going through dark clouds to reach out!
Problem shared is problem half solved. Depression is heavy, therefore don't drown yourself, confide in someone. Seek help. And most importantly, remember that it not being OKAY is actually OKAY!

Let's live a depression free life. This is Finding Purpose by Atieno Obwanda.

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