Getting it off With Chiamaka on Jamit

Your friend didn’t confide in you during a tough time, And you are wondering why. ~ Be there anyway!

Getting it off With Chiamaka

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Episode Notes

Hi guys, so this one is a first hand experience and I have thought about it before even talking about it. Sometimes we face our worries and often than not we want to do it alone. So your friend is not in the clear place of mind, then you hear they opened up to another person rather than you? Listen up to hear my opinion and see why. I think the best sentence I ever got and practice now is just making sure that I’m there for this friend and also they can also let me know how best to help them 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s not easy really. Enjoy this episode please give it a thumbs up and subscribe, thank you ☺️ --- Send in a voice message:


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