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S03E05 - Was Jesus A Black Man? (Pt 1) Ft. Godwin Junior

Grey Area

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Given everything going on in the world, especially in the Christian Dom, the origin of the Messiah; Jesus Christ is still one of the greatest argumentative topic that have gone on for like forever. On this episode with my guest, we will try to indulge ourselves in this delicate topic to see and to know if the truth backed up with proofs can give us an estimated insight as to the origin of Christ. (This episode is open to contributions, we don't know it all, and perhaps, we all are still learning). This Podcast is backed up by a vision to dig up things the mundane man has refused to face. I hope this episode does not cause any controversial anomaly - Ulu Oluebubechukwu (@UluOluebube). --- Send in a voice message:


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