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Make Every Moment Count (with Hilary Okello) - EPISODE 76

Hash Time with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka


Episode Notes

One of the wonders I would swear was impossible to find was someone doubling as a doctor and a comedian. On set with me today, is Dr. Hilary Okello. He is the only medical personnel in Uganda making a living from comedy. The first time I saw his profile on social media, I was sure Dr is just a title he picked on to stand out amongst his fellow stand-up comedians but to my shock he was indeed a doctor and since then I have been very curious about how he found himself at the intersection of science and art. 

Our conversation explores;

  1. his childhood, 
  2. his love for both medicine and fun, 
  3. the importance of a tribe that encourages your craft 
  4. and so much more you will get to hear.

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