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Nuturing The Mind-Body Integration Through Physical Therapies w/TaReon Jael, MPH.

Healthy Living With Udy.


Episode Notes

The body holds your physical health and your ability to function. But the mind houses your spirit and your motivation to function. “In mind-body medicine, the mind and body are not seen as separately functioning entities, but as one functioning unit. The mind and emotions are viewed as influencing the body, as the body, in turn, influences the mind and emotions” (p. 4). This segment with TaReon Jael discusses how the mind-body integrates, and gives practical guide on how to nurture the mind-body integration through physical therapies. TaReon Jael is the host of the Wellness for Black Girls Podcast. Through her platform she empowers Black women on their holistic health journeys by teaching about various topics within the eight dimensions of wellness with an emphasis on mind-body-spirit integration. TaReon believes that when a Black woman is empowered in mind, body, and spirit she can harness the power of  self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.  TaReon is also a Certified Health Educator and Certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist. TaReon holds a Master of Public Health from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from Tennessee State University. Connect with her via IG: @Wellness4blackgirls, and @tareonjael, Website: Listen to her podcast on any podcast platform: Wellnessforblackgirls.


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