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The Response To Covid-19 In Asia &Africa w/Uduak Charles

Healthy Living With Udy.


Episode Notes

Earlier this year, the Covid-19 pandemic came with heightened fears and global economy &health disruption. We had our Guest Speaker, Uduak Charles , a Public Health Analyst, analyse the responses to the Covid-19 situation in Asia & Africa, using Nigeria and the Philippines as case study. Uduak Charles is the founder of the Uduak Charles Diaries Foundation, an international foundation committed to addressing public health needs in the rural demographics. He specializes in Public Health Journa review, food health safety ,occupational health, rural community development, Educational intervention, as well as Environmental Health and Safety. Connect with him via Facebook: Uduak Charles, Facebook page: Uduak Charles Diaries, IG: Uduak Charles.


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