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Season 3 Episode 26 - The Rise and Fall of the "God's Creativity" Cult

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As the dust settles from the bloody war against Juaben, Asantehene Mensa Bonsu begins the hard work of trying to bring his crumbling empire back to a state of relative repair. Aiding him in this task is the radical reformer Owusu Ansah, a British-educated diplomat turned political advisor. As the duo struggles to reform the Ashanti Empire's civic and educational structures, the rise of a reactionary witch-hunting cult led by a charismatic demagogue threatens to destroy what's left of the fabric of Ashanti civilization.

Quick note. Yes, I messed up pronunciation again. I should have been saying Domankama, not Domankwama. No idea where the w came from, it's not even written that way in the script lol. Oops.

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