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Sokoto Revolution ep. 4: A West African Caliphate

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By the 1810s, the militant stage of the Sokoto Revolution was coming to an end. The Commander of the Believers, Usman Dan Fodio, had vanquished his enemies. What had started as a small social movement led by a charismatic iterant teacher had conquered the largest contiguous territory in the entirety of Africa. And, according to Fodio, this new state would be no ordinary empire, but a righteous state that carried on the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad himself. His imamate would be a government worthy to call itself Muhammad's successor: the Sokoto Caliphate.

However, this would prove to be no easy task. Join us for our final part of our examination of the Sokoto Revolution, in which we take a critical and close look at the consequences of Fodio's  world altering movement, as well as the monumental progress and suffering that define its legacy.

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