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Sex With A Married Man

I Got Tempted

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Episode Notes

A distress call turns to a ticket to evenings of romance and almost-dim lights.
The unfolding scenes present Niye as a one-time Telesales Personnel consenting to a solicited evening with an unsatisfied customer.
Taiwo had been expecting his car inspection reports since the previous day but when he calls in to inquire why the delay, he gets something else. It is a common cliché that love is found in the strangest of places and this story proves it right. But there is just one thing off about Mr Lover Man; he is taken martially.
Does Niye go along with this current situation or does she call it quits? You can only find out when you listen…


@kike Ohhh my! I enjoyed this episode. I've been in this situation a lotta times and sadly, I betrayed the girls code.( A whole lot of time.) On the long run, I stopped because I then came to a point of realization that he would never be mine. I've made peace with my self. If karma comes, fine. If karma doesn't, great.

Nov 28, 2020

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