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1st Segment: Strategezing... 2nd Segment: It will heal but we can help

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Just Talk 25.mp3 *FOR NIGERIA* *It will heal, but we can help* So this Title was gotten as I recorded this episode. Margaret gets the title credit as it was her line. For this first episode of my FOR NIGERIA series, I have a discussion with two amazing young women. Arop Margaret ( My Maggie): Co-Founder The Greener Picture. This young Nigerian Lady is taking great strides alongside some other people to inform communities about the need for a clean environment. Again, when I hear her talk, I get amazed at how much people can do even with so little. One of her favourite lines about the environment is that we have a right to clean air. The Greener Picture has planted over 150 trees to ensure the air we breathe is fresher. I told her that when I looked at the United Nations SDGs, I see the stuff she's doing... she has been fulfilling some SDGs and not even meaning to. I am so glad I could catch her to have this chat with her. Tchinyereh (as I like to call her) is so pro women. She believes she can change people's Idiosyncrasies about women one pair of ear at a time. She has interests in entertainment and she is a firm believer that young people can do so much by just trying to start. She has said to me, "what hurts you most in Nigeria? Find a way to change that". Tchinyere said something that's still really funny to me during our chat. She said to Maggie and I, "when you are passionate, just talk, it doesn't matter how you sound or the mistakes you make" I am so glad this series is up... October will be a great month. Great translates to Nigeria. October is Nigeria Listen in https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-wrkzw-c220f0


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