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Sex for grades? A stifling Educational System? What exactly is wrong with our system?

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So for this episode I sit with two of my favorite people to discuss stuff that affect the undergraduate Nigerian. Patrick shares his opinion on the recent SexforGrades trend and we try to discuss solutions. To him, this is something that can cause him to loose his sleep at night. Patrick gives some really good and workable solutions. It is his opinion that in a lecturer-student relationship there is unequal power and so the rebuttable presumption of sexual assault should be in favour of the student, but this is rarely the case as lecturers got each others backs. Lota on the other hand talk about how it is painful that the Nigerian Educational System is stifling. He gives vivid examples of how students have been denied Visas even while trying to represent the Nation outside of Nigeria. He talks about the budget for education and how it does not meet standard requirement. To him when a fish starts to get bad, it starts from it's head and the Nigerian Government and Management Boards of Universities contribute in stifling the efforts of students. Listen in https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-vdcfm-c2a4fe


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