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S3E1: Your Age Should Never Be A Limitation | Brian Muchene and Keith Tupac Gatiramu

Just To Kick It Is A Blessing!

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Episode Notes

Season 3 Episode 1: Your Age Should Never Be A Limitation | Brian Muchene and Keith Tupac Gatiramu  

Brian Muchene sat down with Keith Tupac Gatiramu. He shares the importance of chasing your dreams at a young age. He talks about the importance of taking one step despite not seeing the whole pathway. He is running for the Parliamentary seat for Dagoretti South. He shares what motivated him to run and why he decided to run for that specific position. He talks about the vital role the Youth play in determining our leaders and the future of Kenya. He shares what differentiates the youth from previous generations and what makes us powerful. He shares the key lessons he has learnt from meeting the constituents of Dagoretti South and what he plans to do differently if elected. He shares his solution to the negative culture of hand-outs that has become prominent in Kenya.  

Brian was born and raised in Uthiru/Ruthimutu ward in Dagoretti South Constituency. He graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.   

00:00 - Intro  

01:15 - The position he is looking to run for  

01:35 - Why he decided to run for that position  

02:33 - His motivation for getting into politics  

03:49 - Family political history  

04:25 - Key lessons from interacting with the constituents  

07:34 - Things he would different if he was elected  

10:35 - The importance of the youth in the upcoming election and the future of the country 

12:51 - Advise to the people that say the Youth are inexperienced  

15:05 - Why your vote is important  

17:27 - The key influence of whom you vote for shouldn't be your family but the candidate  

19:25 – The importance of voting based on individuals and not parties  

22:32 – Reaction to announcement for running for Member of Parliament (MP) 

23:54 – Why the Youth should be involved in more leadership roles  

26:13 – It is important to for Government and Kenyans to support local manufacturing  

27:51 – What’s next  

30:00 – The importance of controlling your emotions  

30: 42 – The difference between discipline and motivation  

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God Bless You!


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