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Where are my Kdrama and Kpop lovers? Get in here!

In today's episode of languages and books, my guest is a Koreanophile. I have never met anyone who loves the Korean language and culture as much as Motolani Ogunsanya also known as Mo'Sibyl.

Motolani describes herself as a Nigerian born, Korean-speaking, and wandering intellectual.

Her unique perspective is derived from her experience growing up in Nigeria to now living in the US, learning and speaking Korean, and enriched by the adventures her travels have brought on.

She is also an assistant professor of pharmacy with a PhD degree in health economics and outcomes research and she conducts research in cancer and lupus outcomes and quality of life. She speaks Korean, English, French, and Yoruba.  She currently lives in Oklahoma.

She is the host of The More Sibyl Podcast, a weekly podcast for Blacks and Asians, and those who love them. It is a platform about culture against the backdrop of important issues such as identity, acculturation, travels, preserving cultural values, mental health issues,  heart stories, and so much more.

In this particular episode, Mo shares how she learnt the Korean language on Coursera and she also talks a bit about what she loves about the Korean culture. Trust me, after listening to this episode you will definitely fall in love with the Korean language and probably add it to your language learning bucket list.

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