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Shaka Zulu - The Bittersweet King

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Africa has many heroes, both past and present. Many of those heroes have gone through a lot to be regarded as such. However, when someone tells their story it is usually not from the right perspective, or it lacks objectivity. Many of Africa's heroes have been called tagged as tyrannical, bloodthirsty, as well as being given names of what might seem as western equivalents to suit a narrative.
In southern Africa, a brave nation has held their ground despite the many challenges they have had to overcome all through the legacy of a hero who sought to unite people of common heritage and ancestry.
On this episode of Long Story Short, Liwa tells the story of the birth of the Zulu Nation through the efforts of an unforgettable face, Shaka Zulu.
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@tobimax Great use of humour and imagery! 🙌🏾

Jun 25, 2021

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