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This is not an April Fool's joke. We're really back with a bonus episode! Reumac is joined in studio by @nikkinkirote and they're talking about liver. They swap stories of memorable liver dishes and Reumac has some tips on how to make your liver taste delicious. Here's Nikki's take on liver: 

Nikki's Explosion of flavor, liver edition 😊


1. Liver

2. Milk

3. Onion

4. Tomatoes

5. Garlic

6. Ginger

7. Cumin (powder)

8. Coriander (powder)

9. Fresh coriander aka dhania

10. Paprika

11. Chilli powder

12. Salt


1. Remove the silver skin from your liver, this will provide for a tender liver

2. Cut the liver into preferred sized cubes

3. Dunk the liver into a bowl of milk for approximately 30 - 45min, this will tenderized the liver and further remove any toxins and metallic taste to it

4. As the liver tenderizes in the milk, chop up your onions, tomatoes, and dhania and set them aside

5. Mince your garlic and ginger till they are fine and set aside

6. After 30 - 45min remove your liver from the milk, pat dry and set aside 

7. In a pan or a pot (your preference) fry the onions first till they are translucent, once this is achieved add your minced garlic and ginger and fry till fragrant and well incorporated with the onions

8. Add your chopped tomatoes and let cook/simmer down till paste like (remember to add salt as you go along)

9. Add you spices, cumin, coriander, paprika and chilli (quantity is per your preference).

10. Stir the tomato - spice mix and add a bit of water to avoid burning

11. After the tomato - spice mix is well incorporated and has simmered down (not all the water has evaporated) add in the chopped liver, mix and cover to cook for 10 - 13 minutes (if you feel that the water is not enough you can add a bit more). Remember to keep stirring as it cooks to avoid burning or sticking to the pan/pot.

12. After 10 - 13 minutes the liver should be ready, turn off the fire and sprinkle in your chopped dhania as the last thing, mix and its ready to serve with your preferred side dish and enjoy!😜

You can follow Nikki's blog here: Also, check out @bigbitesgrill on Instagram. 

Reumac will be back next week with yet another bonus episode. In the meanwhile, check out our YouTube channel. 

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