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CONVERSATIONS: Growing up Christian; the good, the bad and the messy.

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In this episode, Mimi and I just hit the ground running! With a whole lotta bowling and dry jokes, some of which you won't get lol. This was one of my most favourite recordings so far. We just sat down and started talking. Bearing it all on our shoulders, and letting it off our chests. Kudos to us for being vulnerable and extremely open! No shame here, just 2 Christ lovers sharing their testimony and how amazing God's love is! Tune in and share your thoughts and experience as well. We'd like to hear back from you. If anything, this episode brought me a lot of peace and began a healing process. To more real CONVERSATIONS. CONVERSATIONS is a series in which we do exactly that... Have CONVERSATIONS. I believe in healing the world through healing souls from within. To do this we have to address issues that are deeply embedded in humans as individuals. I believe we effect change when we dig deep and talk about things... #CONVERSATIONS. Michelle Rue Mahala is a 23 year old born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. She holds an Honours degree in B.Sc. Biochemistry from Sharda university, India and a Postgraduate certificate in Biomedical laboratory technology from CUT in collaboration with AiBST. She is passionate about building a healthy relationship with God which is unique to her story, and she serves in the praise and worship ministry to exhort the saints. She enjoys writing poetry and journaling; soon she’ll be publishing her work. If a vibe was a person you wouldn’t need to look further. She strives to make the environment less tense and enjoys making people be their best selves around her. Being a social butterfly, Michelle finds it easy to engage in meaningful conversations with others and that’s her evangelism strategy too. Michelle has had to learn about life in a hard way however that has also become her testimony. Her aim in life is to bring those who feel condemned by past mistakes and trauma closer to God and to help them become their best selves (men and women God created them to be). Finally, Michelle Rue Mahala is a “money making machine”. She established her hair accessories and products business in 2021 and she has since been growing it and expanding too. Emerald Chic, her brand is all about getting in touch with your femininity on a budget of coz, it’s all about being chic. Her products are found on Instagram and Facebook @emer.aldchic .


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