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Hello beautiful people of the internet, welcome to episode 11 here at Nessa's Buzz. This is a special episode because for one, i recorded it to celebrate Nessa's Buzz 1 Year Anniversary. It is such a big deal for me and i am so grateful for this far i have come! Secondly, my guest can attest to how many hurdles we went through to record very late in the night(has some bits of echo and screeches) but hey we made it work! And the message is definitely home! Lastly, this is honestly among my favorite episodes because of the vulnerability in it. The mere fact that my guest and i were not speaking fiction but true life experiences that we went through! It was so fulfilling to talk about this and i hope that if you happen to be going through the same thing, you find peace in knowing that you are not alone! You honey, are not alone. We poured our whole hearts into this and i do hope you enjoy it! Gender Based Violence Help lines:

The National GBV helpline 1195,

Police helpline 999/112,

Child-line Kenya helpline 116,

UWIANO SMS Platform 10,

Kimbilio GBV helpline 1193,

LVCT one 2 one youth helpline 1190 and.

FIDA SMS platform 21661. Series Recommendation: Crime and Justice Ep. 5 [Battered]

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