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No Head Podcast

Religion & Spirituality
”No Head" is about living life in the present moment, navigating life together & telling African stories. Dorothy Ooko, when not doing a full-time job in communications, facilitates a course at Google called Search Inside Yourself (SIY). The head is host to all our thoughts, our concerns, our biases, fears & insecurities that invariably get in the way of our being fully present to life. “No Head” is about awakening our real identity, our true authentic unadulterated uncontaminated identity -- that identity which is our true self. That identity which leaves our assumptions, our judgments, our biases behind and allows us to tune in more deeply into the present, to avoid getting lost in our thoughts about the past or the future and helps us stay in touch with our experiences as they unfold moment by moment. This is what mindfulness is all about…Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher and check the website so you never miss an episode. This podcast will have a new episode every Tuesday...stay tuned!



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