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Nurturing your child's uniqueness with Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi

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No two children are the same. Each has distinct features, abilities, and personalities. Do you know that using the one-size-fits-all approach in raising children only creates friction in the home? In this episode, Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi, a parenting and emotional intelligence coach, speaks on the importance of identifying, understanding, and grooming the uniqueness of each of your children in order to bring out the best in them. A truly eye-opening session it is. You can connect with her on @oluwatoyinogunkanmi and @parentingsupportsystem. Her books are available on Amazon, Amazon kindle and her website. Pre-order her book "Preparing your Adolescent for Independent Living " here. Have you subscribed to Nurture Box podcast? If not, you can do so on any platform you're listening from now; it'll only take a second or two.  Kindly connect with us on Instagram,  Facebook & Twitter. To share your thoughts, kindly drop a voice message, send us a DM, or review us on Apple Podcasts. If you'd love to work with me or be a guest on this podcast, send an email to

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