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Surrounding yourself with positive people

Out of the Box With Alice Akinpelu

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One thing is certain in life, it's either you are influencing someone or someone is influencing you. It's depends on you which side you want to be on. ---Do you want to be the influenced? Or ---The one influencing people? __You want to know how the power of people in your life influence you? ---How your circle can affect you? The lifestyle of the 5 closest people to you is an example of what your own life will be like. If you have a pessimist as friends that means you will always pull each other down and end up doing nothing with your life so choose your friends wisely. If the 5 closest people to you won't be able to help you in time of trouble, you really need to change your company. Listen to this episode and know how your company of friends can affect you. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alice-akinpelu/message


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