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What happens when you are working in partnership with someone and you both hold different principles? Should you challenge or 'live and let live?' How do you sensitively respect other cultures yet stand up for Human Rights?

Chimzy and Hazel host a respectful and safe space to explore what happens when we face some of the more sensitive issues that come up in international partnerships, including abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, religion and the right of all children to love and an education.

This episode features Malawian Comedian Daliso Chaponda, self proclaimed 'product of Scottish Investment' Muthi Nhlema, Secretary of Kondenani UK Jane Gebbie, Communications and Resource Mobilisation Manager (at Livingstonia Synod’s Church and Society Programme) Gary Brough, Humanist Celebrant Dr Bob Scott and Women's Rights campaigner Fiddes Msoya. 

“I’m not saying that all of us can fight all the battles, but hopefully there’s always someone who could fight the battle… I am lucky that I am somewhat privileged, so I generally can fight all the fights I want to, I am not in a powerless situation… so maybe I have a warped view of it… but there are people who can’t express their opinion…” Daliso Chaponda

"Termination of pregnancy is a very sensitive issue, it’s a very controversial issue, we all recognise that, but we don’t solve it by just shelving it… we need to understand the facts, we need to hear all sides, we need to understand why this is being suggested and then really have a discussion, a mature open discussion" Muthi Nhlema

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