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Episode Notes

What would you ask the President of Malawi? How did the youth in Malawi interact with COP 26?

This special episode was recorded in Malawi and in Edinburgh, focussing on conversations about the Climate.

It contains our interview with the President Dr Lazarus Chikwera recorded at the Scotland Malawi Partnership Homecoming Reception in Edinburgh during COP 26. We also spoke with organisers of the COP Hub in Llilongwe, Mtameni Kachusa and Stella Masanganu, and many youth activists and school children in Malawi.

I know what has happened in the past, there were commitments that weren’t held up to. I just have that little hope that this time will be different. Because now we are on the verge of total destruction, maybe this time we will learn to do something important’ Denwa (youth Climate Activist in Malawi)

“The negative impacts of climate change are very noticeable in Malawi... it’s so sad because agriculture is very important in Malawi” Chimzy

"The Malawian Young People's voice is being incorporated in whatever solutions are being suggested" President Lazarus Chikwera​

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We urge those that can, to donate and share the following campaigns.

The Association of Malawians in Scotland have launched an appeal to support children in Southern Malawi effected by Storm Ana.

Full detail here - Fundraiser by Association of Malawians in Scotland : Help us rescue Southern Malawi children (

SMP members, 'Medic Malawi' have launched an appeal to raise funds to support communities in Malawi effected by storm Ana.

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