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My Poetic Soliloquy

Poetically Bubbly: Welcome To My Alter Ego

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Episode Notes

Today i'll be reciting some of my favourite poems that focus on me as a person and my vision of me. I'll also discuss how I came to be a poet, my craftsmanship, my drive, wordplay, my light bulb moments and my spotlight soliloquy moments all in the depths of my thoughts:My poetics come to life in wordplay and style. Slowly by slowly shedding shells as I have come along... and self image because everything I see is in rose coloured glass and tinted with a shade of beauty. I.G : the_bubbly_poet_femmy F.B: the_bubbly_poet_femmy --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/missbubblyclosetsessions/message


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