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7. Stand Up

Power of the Streets

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Student leader Ruth Yitbarek wants more Ethiopian women to understand their rights and speak up for themselves. She speaks about the Yellow Movement that continues to grow in Ethiopia’s universities and how it challenges abusive societal norms. Read about the Yellow Movement http://www.aau.edu.et/the-yellow-movement/ (here). Follow Ruth https://twitter.com/ruth_yitbarek?s=20 (here). To access the transcript of the show or find out more, you can go https://www.hrw.org/video-photos/podcast/2021/03/01/power-of-the-streets (here). Follow Human Rights Watch on https://twitter.com/hrw (Twitter) or https://www.instagram.com/humanrightswatch/ (Instagram). Join the conversation using #PoweroftheStreets to tell us how you’re speaking truth to power. Follow host Audrey Kawire Wabwire on https://twitter.com/akawire (Twitter) or https://www.instagram.com/audreyhrw/ (Instagram).


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