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Season 1: The Relationship Season; Episode 1 The Right Mindset

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Even Martin Luther had many things to say about marriage. Here is one of them, 'Marriage is the GOD-appointed and legitimate union of man and woman in the hope of having children or at least for the purpose of avoiding fornication and sin and living to the Glory of GOD.' He knew why men and women should get together鈥攖o fulfill purpose! He knew that a relationship is not a funfair. It's not something to start without thinking. It is something to pay utmost attention to. Relationships cannot just start! There is a gradual build up to it. It is supposed to be the stage just before marriage. It is such a sensitive stage and it mustn't be treated trivially. Real friendships should exist before relationships bloom. It doesn't work like in the music videos where they become a wonderful couple after they bump into each other... It's Valentine's again and many are set to get it wrong without this resolve or at the very least, knowledge! Last year, Love and relationships were talked about in relation to Valentine's Day. This year, it came to be understood that unless the mind is reset and the whole attitude to relationships changes, there may not be an effective shift in the way people view Love, relationships and Valentine's Day. Let's discuss how to straighten our mentalities and actions about relationships, shall we? REFERENCES 1. The English Dictionary 2. got 3. 4. 5. 6. Secrets of an Irresitible Woman by Michelle Mckinney Hammond 7. The Holy Bible, KJV, NIV, etc 8. Common Sense馃槈馃榿馃槑 --- This episode is sponsored by 路 Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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