P.S God Loves You on Jamit

Who is God? What is the deal with God? Why do I need to have a relationship with God?

P.S God Loves You


Episode Notes

Have you ever seen a Christian and went, "wow, what's her secret"? Buckle up because I know WHO the 'secret' is, God. Many are times when we get fed up with our mundane lives and we want someone to take over and make decisions on our behalf. Felt, sis. It can be so draining and then you hear a Christian tell you that feeling drained is not your portion thus you roll your eyes, thinking, here we go again. No, seriously. Stop and lend me your ears for an hour. Lol, I made that sound like a couple of seconds but I spend all that time attempting to help you understand who God is and the body of God, yep God. Not Christ, as well as the amazing perks of having a relationship with Him. Honestly, nothing beats the feeling of living for God, being His and Him being yours. You love fictional superheroes and yet God surpasses that creativity a gazillion times because first of, He exists. He is real. And P.S God Loves You. 💘


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